Vermiwash Manufacturer in Gujarat

About Vermiwash

  • Contains excretory products and excesssecretions of earthworms plus micronutrients from soil organic molecule
  • Vermiwash has high quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, calcium, magnesium & zinc and is alkaline
  • Fresh vermiwash contains many beneficial microbes helping plant growth and preventing infections
  • Sugars, phenols and amino acids are also present
  • Hormones promoting plant growth like indole acetic acid, gibberellic acid, and humic acid are present as well
  • Vermiwash must be diluted before application or the plant/crop may die
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How To Use Vermiwash

Dilute with water (10%) before spraying effectively on any plant Vermiwash should be diluted 5 to 10 times with water and then applied Can also be mixed with cow's urine and diluted for use as foliar spray and pesticide as follows

  • 1 litre of vermiwash
  • 1 litre of cow's urine
  • 8 litres of water
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